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You are most likely here because either yourself or someone that you know suffers from a problem with gambling and you are looking for help to deal with the issue. I created this website as a place where people can come to get help and to give help in finding solutions to problem gambling. I am hopeful that this site will grow to be much bigger than its beginnings with the help and contribution of people like yourself. In learning and sharing our experiences, it is my hope that we can all be free from problem gambling.

If you want to know how I gained control over my own gambling and find out the methods that I used to recover from gambling once and for all, please read my free ebook.


“As I write this, I am gambling free and I have truly rebuilt my life. I went through all the self help programs and GA and none of it worked for me. I had
to discover the hard way that no amount of coaching or self esteem would help me overcome my addiction. I knew in my heart that it was something that I had no control over. I knew the negative emotions and patterns that were caused by my gambling but I still couldnt stop. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. But I was sick, and I still am. I knew that there had to be another way. I couldnt go on living like this and I couldnt take the easy way out. I had to find another way, my life depended on it, so I did.”

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